Our softwares are free for everyone. If you do not yet own a 3DMS but you want to test its possibilities, you can download our softwares and try it as 3DMS Manager comes with an example file.

3DMS Management software – 3DMS Manager

3DMS Manager gives you the possibility to analyze your performances (timers, paths, …), see your embeded videos with lean angle, acceleration/deceleration, timer, position and speed superimposed on it, and to edit your maps (tracks, coast race, …).
It works with Microsoft Windows. The .exe file had been zipped to avoid anti-virus problems on download.

This new revision includes:

  • Several bugs fixed and improvments
  • New tracks:
    • Finland: Kymi Ring – International, Kymi Ring – Sport, Kymi Ring – Club


3DMS data analysis software – 3DMS Analyzer

3DMS Analyzer works in addition of 3DMS Manager. It allows analyzing the performances measured by the 3DMS. It works with Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10 and only on 64 bits system.

Its features are:

  • Data analysis on graphics: lean angles, throttle/brake and speed
  • Comparaison of 2 laps
  • Best datas by lap and session
  • Trajectories analysis on satellite view
  • Lap and session data export

The .exe file had been zipped to avoid anti-virus problems on download.

3DMS and Display firmware updates

Firmwares are automatically updated. You just need to connect 3DMS to PC by Bluetooth, connect PC to Internet and start 3DMS Manager (last revision is better).

Current firmwares are:

  • Bluetooth: 1.1.2-184
  • 3DMS:
  • Display:
      • Chronometer mode management: Lap, Sector, Sect. sum

You could see yours 3DMS and Display firmwares revisions on “3DMS management” and “Display management” display menus, item “Informations” and on “Tools”=>”3DMS Management” menu of 3DMS Manager.

Informative documents

3DMS Manager user manual –  3DMS-Manager-User-Manual.pdf (148 downloads)

3DMS Analyzer user manual – Download and install the application and click on “Help” menu to open it

3DMS user manual –  3DMS-User-Manual.pdf (138 downloads)

3DMS Display mounting manual –  3DMS-Display-User-Manual.pdf (123 downloads)

3DMS Display user manual – Until it’s written, check out this video

List of updated 3DMS maps –  Maps-included-on-3DMS-Manager.pdf (70 downloads)